Lockdown: How To Win When This Is Over?

How to spend your time during the lockdown??
(How to succeed when all of this is over)

Set of Choices… A

1. Enjoy this time to the fullest. Chill. Relax. Sleep.
2. Devour/watch your social media feed every minute to know what’s happening around.
3. Keep a tab on the number of positive COVID-19 cases, casualties. Every hour. Everywhere.
4. Watch plays, shows and movies all day. Netflix, Prime Video, HBO galore…
5. Watch TV (news) all day.
6. All day Whatsapp? (do I need to say anything further?)
7. Worry about tomorrow (ab kya hoga). What if this is never over. What will happen to my job? Business? Family?

Set of Choices… B

    1. Help someone in need.
    2. Pray. Meditate. Think deeply.
    3. Be grateful for what you still have that others can only dream of.
    4. Trust God. He will take care of us.
    5. Develop yourself. Learn a new skill. There are numerous online courses.
    6. To broaden your mind, read books, ebooks, blogs. Listen to podcasts. Watch inspirational videos. TEDTalks.
    7. Give the family & relatives your precious time – on phone. Connect with friends all over the world.
    8. Do something you always wanted to but never had the time.
    9. Keep yourself healthy. Exercise. Walk daily. Have a daily routine. Sleep well. Move around and eat mindfully.
    10. Work on your business, instead of in the business & make it better, agile and lean.
    11. Pick up a new hobby.
    12. Work on that startup that you always wanted to begin but never had the time.
    13. Do your best to make the most of this situation. What matters is how you think about this.
    14. This too shall pass.
    15. Connect to more people on LinkedIn.
    16. Help or mentor someone. Let people learn from your experience.

What else would you like to do? Please write in the comments section below.

When all of this is over, the size of the pie will get smaller. The person who survives the new world will be the person with a better mindset & maximum number of useful skills.

Are you that person?

There can be hundreds of excuses, but remember, the choice will always be yours!

Inshallah, we will all pass through this pandemic unscathed – or with minimum losses.

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