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A lot of you must be wondering what “Power of Thought” is. Let me explain: About two years ago I watched a movie called “The Secret” and it has left a profound impact on my thinking and has changed my life ever since.

Some of you must have heard of the term “Law of Attraction”. It is a law that says that if you wish or think about something, you attract it in your life. The whole world conspires to bring it to you.

Hence, if we think about good things to happen to us – they will!

Similarly, if we keep thinking about bad things that COULD happen to us – THEY WILL!

The underlying premise is:


If we keep thinking about HOW BAD MY DAY IS GOING TO BE TODAY, then it is guaranteed that you will have a bad day!

Instead start your day with gratitude, a prayer for being alive, for being able to live this day to the fullest – and then see what life holds for you.

Life is what we make out of it… every day.

“Watch your THOUGHTS for they become WORDS,

Watch your WORDS, for they become ACTIONS,

Watch your ACTIONS for they become HABITS,

Watch your HABITS, for they become CHARACTER,

Watch your CHARACTER, for it becomes your DESTINY.”

More on the law later.


Have a nice day!

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