What Will People Think? (Loag Kya Kahengey!)


Of course! Everyday! Yeah?

Ever thought that this is the usual reason we DON’T do something?

And the things we don’t do because of THAT are close to our hearts. Doing it would have made us happier, closer to our dream or passion, our destiny?
But alas, we let it go…. Just because? What will people say?

Sometimes we think so little about things that we should be thinking about more… and then sometimes:
We think TOO MUCH about stuff that should not even matter to us!

Regina Brett, 90 years old, couldn’t have said it any better:
‘What People Think of You is not your problem!’
For more of her life lessons:Interesting Thoughts By A 90-Year Old Gal

I’d like to know how one creates this fantastic reason (read illusion!) to shy away from the zenith of our personal and professional lives, our relationships, our family, in effect our very existence. For a moment, lets suppose that people DO say or think about us, most of.. no, ALL of that is bad, so?

But then, we live for people or for ourselves?

If you are doing something worth doing then rest assured there will be criticism, strong criticism…
Are we here for a popularity contest?

I now quote my favorite author, Tim Ferris, who wrote the bestseller ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ (http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/ ):
He says in his blog:
“ Scott Boras, widely regarded as the most powerful agent in professional baseball, describes a dinner with one of his mentors after a record-breaking contract:

“He said that if you are really effective at what you do, 

95% of the things said about you will be negative. 

Keep your head on straight, don’t get emotional, 

take the heat, 

and just make sure your clients are smiling.”

Please check: How to Piss People Off

This doesn’t mean that we WANT to piss people off, but, if that is what happens while we do our stuff, then so be it!

Makes sense?

I know this is a tough one. But Eid holidays do THAT to me!

Comment in the box below, lets discuss what makes us behave this way and how to get out of this?
Share your experiences, if you feel like.

Keep shining…
Dare to Dream!

Have a great life!

Nuruddin Abjani

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